Spey Fishing Massachusetts and New York for salmon, trout, steelhead, stripers and shad

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Spey Casting is a style of two-handed fly fishing used throughout the world. Spey casts offer many advantages compared to the single hand over head style which has triggered the growth in popularity on North American rivers and especially on the Great Lakes Tributaries for Salmon, Trout and Steelhead. Spey Fishing the Salmon River, Deerfield River and others in the Northeast is a favored way to cover more water with longer casts while swing flies and streamers.

Why Spey & Scandi Casting?

Casting Areas: No overhead back casting necessary. Ability to cast safely with longer distances by creating a down wind "D Loop" over either shoulder to perform the Spey Casts.

Changing Directions: 90 Degrees of change in direction is done in less then 1/3 the time of traditional single handed overhead casting.

Little Line Stripping: Once the head of the line is on the water, you can can cast it all with out stripping in line. Two handed Spey Casting and Fishing is a another way to extend your seasons into below freezing temperatures.

Line Control: The Longer, Two Handed, 12' to 15' Spey Rods allow for easier mending capabilities and properly presented flies.

Near Effortless: No overhead casting strokes required. All casts are accomplished, in front of you, with considerably less arm motion compared to single hand casts. The Long Rods do the work with much less muscular effort resulting in little or no fatigue once you achieve the proper casting form.

Feel The Pull: Feeling the pull or tug of a fish on responsive rod while tight lining a swinging fly is exhilarating. The excitement of setting the hook, doing battle right through the release, is a feeling second to none.

Relaxing & Enjoyable: Longer Casts, Covering More Water with Properly Presented Flies allows you to dissolve into a calm state of mind and a peaceful encounter with the outdoors while fishing, as fly fishing is meant to be.

To Swing & Track Flies Effectively, understanding  the spey fly, it's profile and  the proper speed needed for optimal presentations is important. Sometimes critical fly tracking techniques, as well as a properly tied fly to a leader  are major elements required to achieve maximum effectiveness and success.

new 2012 Fly and Spey Casting and Fishing School Schedule

new 2012 Miramichi New Brunswick Spey Clinics and Schools At the Upper Oxbow Outdoor Adventures

check mark Learn Two-Handed Spey Casting and Line Control Needed to Properly Present the Fly.

check mark Recognize Casting and Fishing Faults and How to Fix Them

check mark Understand Why and What Types of Spey Rods, Reels and Lines may be Best Suited and Balanced for You.

check mark For All Levels of Experience

new 2012Endura Spey & Fly Line Dressing
Endura Fly & Spey Line Dressing, just what your spey and fly lines need

18 pound fall run steelhead on a orange heron spey fly. all fish released safely

Spey fishermen are frequenting the Salmon River and others for salmon, steelhead and trout with Walt Geryk. With Walt's in-depth knowledge of single and two-handed casting and fishing styles, you will experience his unique ability to teach, in detail, the technical aspects of each cast from beginning to fly presentation and through the safe release of your trophy.
By day's end, you will cast better and fish with confidence."

Walt Geryk

Endura Spey & Fly Line Dressing

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Spey & Scandi casting is a popular way to swing flies and streamers throughout North America. Two-handed fishing and casting schools offered for salmon, trout and steelhead in New York and Massachusetts and the Northeast. Spey and Fly Fish the Salmon River, Deerfield River, Westfield River and others in Massachusetts and New York. Learn and better understand fly and two handed spey casting techniques and fly presentations required to take trophy rainbow trout, brook trout and brown trout.
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