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Walt Geryk's spey casting, fly fishing schools and guided trips offer detailed instruction in modern and traditional spey, scandi, switch and skagit casting. Lessons and schools are designed for each individual and group to reach their maximum potential. Limited to four students in the two day schools and two students for the one day schools allows for personal ample student to instructor time. Learn the ease of casting two-handed rods and how to effectively spey and fly fish for trout, pacific salmon, steelhead and Atlantic salmon.
Casting Schools
Lodging & Meals Not Included
Fishing Schools Two Days
Lodging & Meals Not Included
Instructional & Coached Spey & Fly Fishing Trips for New York and Massachusetts
(minimum 6 hours on the water)
One Day : 1 angler- $400.00, 2-anglers $350.00 each
Two Days: 1 angler- $725.00, 2-anglers $550.00 each
Hourly Rates: 1 angler $75.00, 2-anglers $60.00 each

Customized Services and Pricing available on Request

Two-Handed Casting and Fly Fishing Clinics,Seminars....Create A Personal Event and Itinerary

Special TailWater Lodge Pricing for all Spey Doctor's Services for the Salmon River, NY

Spey Fishing Trips

"Take the opportunity to learn and spey fish with Walt, Hardy North America's Fly Fishing Ambassador.
You'll leave the water a better spey caster and enjoy fly fishing with confidence."

Hardy & Greys North America In-House Spey Specialist

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Royal Wulff Fly Lines

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Walt Geryk's Spey Casting and Fly Fishing Schools welcome all levels of experience from beginners to experienced. Take the opportunity to learn from and spey fish with Walt, Hardy North America's Flyt Fishing Ambassador and In-House Spey Specialist. You'll leave the water a better spey caster and enjoy fly fishing with confidence. Spey Casting and Fly Fishing Schools, Lessons and Instructions for groups and individuals offered throughout the North East.
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