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Salmon River Spey and Fly Fishing, with Walt Geryk, for salmon, trout and steelhead.
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Salmon River NY: Fly and spey fishing the Salmon River for steelhead, trout and salmon in New York with Walt Geryk. Enjoy the learning experiences and the thrill of catching trophy sized fish while on scenic wade and drift boat trips on the Salmon River. Learn more traditional styles of presentations required to take steelhead and salmon, to cast a better line, skate a dry, swing a spey fly, drift nymphs and more, while spending time in this world class fishery and leave the water a better fly fisher.
Pulaski NY, Oswego County: Salmon runs with a few steelhead and trout mixed in may start by late August. Weather and flows are a determining factor for these early returns of salmon and steelhead for the Salmon River Region of New York until peak season in mid October occurs. At this time steelhead, brown and rainbow trout are following the salmon up river to feed on their eggs. The steelhead will winter over and many more will enter Lake Ontario Tributaries throughout the winter months and spring. This is seasonal fishery.
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The Salmon River NY offers more than eleven miles of fishable water for salmon, steelhead and trout that can be accessed by a walk in wading trip or a relaxing drift boat trip. Spey and Fly Fishing the many runs, riffles and pools for trophy salmon, brown trout, steelhead and rainbow trout can be a Northeast Fly and Spey Fishing Experience of a Lifetime. While spey and fly fishing these Lake Ontario Rivers and Tributaries with Walt, you will learn and better understand the techniques and presentations needed and which flies to use to take these fresh water trophy fish.
While the salmon runs decline in late October, the steelhead now become the primary target and with fewer anglers.  This is a fun time to take advantage of continued "World Class Fly and Spey Fishing." It may be more than expected!

Through out the winter months both wading and drift boat trips are popular ways to target steelhead while fly, spey fishing or other traditional methods of lite line spin, float fishing, and noodle rod fishing. During the early spring, cold high water, can result in a slow down in fishing, but once the water temperatures begin to rise and the flows are fishable, this steelhead fishery can be very good to excellent right into May. Smaller summer runs of Skamanie Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon are materializing and are helping to create a year round fishery.

Since 1985, Walt has been promoting traditional fly fishing with catch & release for the Salmon River Region New York, making him the premier Traditional Fly and Spey Fishing Guide serving this area.

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Salmon River NY Fly & Spey Fishing Drift Boat and Float Trips

Ways of Fly and Spey Fishing from a drift boat trip is to drift to a spot, then step out and wade. There are times where this may not possible due to flows or other restrictions. Some pools and runs are better casted to from the safety and comfort of the fishing stations located in the fore and aft of my 16' Hog Island Drift Boat. Float Trips will allow access to areas that may be unsafe and unreachable by wading. While fishing from any drift boat, consideration must be given to all occupants to allow for safe and enjoyable outings. Certain times of the season may offer different options, for example, wade fish for awhile during early mornings in the fly zones, then hop in my drift boat to float the river while continuing to cast a line to the day's end.

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Salmon River New York fly and spey fishing with Hardy and Greys Endorsed Guide Walt Geryk for a year round angling for salmon, trout and steelhead. Guided fishing trips, with casting and fishing lessons and instructions, while on a Northeast Fly & Spey Fishing Guide Trip for trout, salmon and steelhead. Fly and Spey Fishing schools for beginner to experts, learn the presentations required for nymph, dry, streamer and spey fishing while on a Northeast Fly Fishing Guide Trip. Use floating and sink tip fly lines to advance your skills. Learn and better understand fly and spey fishing presentations and techniques required to take fresh water salmon, steelhead, rainbow trout and more from Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide Walt Geryk. Catch and Release Only.
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