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February 08, 2011

" Relying on Luck does not make a better angler
Learning the Skills Will
Walt Geryk

Good Afternoon,
I will be in great physical shape come this spring because of the every other day of shoveling and roof raking. This winter just won't quit. We still need some more snow up on Tug Hill to have a long spring run off.
Be Well and see you all soon on the water,

Nymphing Tips, Tactics and Techniques for all Seasons

While nymphing, I prefer using an assortment of tips and un-weighted flies, thatís not to say that there may be a bead head or two in my box as well. For most of my trout nymphing, I loop on 6í Rio Versi leaders or maybe even short sections T lines depending on depth and flow. Using these leaders and short tippets of 3 to 5 feet in length I always feel confident that I am in the strike zone. This style of nymphing really puts the emphasis on fishing with feel, sight and reaction to the unusual stops and line movements.

Nymphing without sinking leaders and using longer tapered leaders of 7 Ĺí to 12í, connected directly to your floating line, may be necessary in certain conditions and slower moving water. An added bb or two, pinched on about 24" to 16Ē from the fly, will help you achieve the desired depth and speed of fly drift.

Indicators, if you prefer, this is a method I worked on years ago and it is very effective, itís called the ďBob B Mendicator System." This rig not only allows for better drifts and longer presentations than a single indicator allows for, but with practice, it will also teach you to have better line control while becoming better line mender for all styles of fly fishing, without using indicators, including dry fly fishing. Itís all in the placement of the two floats, one is the indicator and the other is the mendicator. Iíll give you a hint; itís all about keeping the mendicator upstream of the indicator.
For more information about the Mendicator System, go to: How To Nymph With Strike Indicators Effectively Revised Bob B Mendicator Method

Subsurface fishing, always take the time to make the necessary adjustments to put your fly in the strike zone by adjusting tippet lengths changing out your sinking tips, adapting your line control and fly speed to the desired natural speed of the currents is just to name a few. Keep in mind, fishing with confidence and feel is more than half the battle, the other 90% is presentations. For more in depth instructions on these and other types of fly and spey fishing, contact me and become a better angler by day's end.

Deerfield River Fly and Spey Day

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2 Day Salmon River Spey Casting and Fishing School

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2011 News and Events

Deerfield River Spey Day Saturday June 4th, 2011 Volunteers Needed or call 413-575-5421

Massachusetts Trout Season 2011 NOW BOOKING
Deerfield and Westfield Rivers in Massachusetts

Steelhead & Salmon Seasons 2011 NOW BOOKING
Salmon River and Area New York

Events, Seminars & Schools for 2011

School Dates: Spey & Fly Casting and Fishing

Deerfield River Spey Day : Sat. June 4, 2011 Spey Fishing Event for Reel Recovery Charity

Spey Nation: Sat. June 25, 2011 Salmon River NY

Bear's Den Event : Sat. February 19th 11am-6pm, Taunton, MA.

Hardy Zenigh Rods Full Line of Hardy Sintrix: ZENITH & PROAXIS Fly Rods available February 2011.
See them at Malinda's Fly and Tackle Shop. Starting at 4 weights to 8 weights. Be sure to stop by and try all the Hardy and Greys Equipment. I have added Zenith's to my existing Hardy and Greys arsenal for your use during salmon, trout and steelhead seasons in New York and Massachusetts.
Malinda's Fly and Tackle, in Altmar, NY, is the North Country's Full Line Hardy & Greys Dealer who also offers a wide range of equipment to every fly and spey anglers needs. Offering in shop service and mail orders 315-298-2993

Practice and Promote Catch & Release Angling
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