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January 29, 2010
“I used to like to see as much as possible
Now I take time to appreciate and understand more of what I see."

Walt Geryk

Salmon Flies by Jack Skelley

I have the unique opportunity to include in my newsletters recipes, instructions and information about various Salmon Flies by Jack Skelly. Meeting Jack at a dinner party last year, we quickly began to swap ideas and fishing stories, at which time I became intrigued with his fly tying abilities and his willingness to share them with his friends.
Now, Jack has given me permission to share these patterns, storied and more with my subscribers. I hope to get as many of these patterns out to my readers, pending on my available time to do so. for click here to add Your comments and suggestions Contact
Hope you all enjoy!

Now Here's Jack:

Now for something not green <g>!
The fly was originated by Ira Gruber and is perhaps is his most widely used fly. The original dressing called for mallard flanks dyed a yellow green. So keeping with the hairwing idea I dressed the fly using yellow dyed squirrel. Keith Fulsher and Charlie Krom in 'Hairwing Atlantic Salmon Flies' suggest yellow dyed mottled monkey or yellow dyed woodchuck hair. Having neither I thought yellow dyed squirrel would be ok. Yellow dyed Monga ringtail would probably be ok as well. Perhaps on the next batch of the Oriole a mix of yellow and green dyed squirrel would be better...
Speaking of Monga don't see that material in fly shops too often anymore. Except at Gayland Hachey's Fly & Rod Shop in Veazie, Maine. If you are looking for Monga call Gayland at (207) 945-9648 or drop Gayland a note at
BTW, Monga has alternating bands of white and black hair about 2" long; the black is excellent for Black Bear Green Butts and the dyed (or natural white) section of the tail for any other fly calling the that color. It is also very easy to work with.

"The Oriole"

Hook: Mustad 36890 size 6

Tying Thread: black 8/0

Tag: oval gold tinsel

Tail: red hackle barbs

Body: black floss or wool

Rib: oval gold tinsel

Collar: brown hackle pulled down and back

Wing: yellow dyed squirrel tail

Head: black; several coats of head varnish


Oriole: Photo by Jack Skelley may  be used with written permission only. Photo by Jack Skelley may be used with written permission only.

This salmon fly is one of the few that has a brown hackle. This fly is/was a favorite on the Miramiche but is no longer available at WW Doak's Fly Shop so my guess it is not as popular as it once was.
Attached is Word document that I received from Walt Geryk about the Deerfield River Spey Day on 5 June 2010.  Walt is having a charity auction to benefit 'Reel Recovery' which is an organization (in their words)
"to help men in the cancer recovery process by introducing them to the healing powers of the sport of fly-fishing, while providing a safe, supportive environment to explore their personal experiences of cancer with others who share their stories." More info can be had going to their web site at
Walt asked if I could donate a 'few' flies for the auction and I said I would. So I am asking you folks if you have some items you would like to donate for the auction to contact Walt directly (info on the attached flyer). I will mention this 5 June date from time to time in this mailing as a reminder. Thanks!!!
It was good do see many of you at this past weekend's fly show in Somerset, NJ. There are too many to enumerate for fear I would miss someone so I will not do that. I saw lots of friends and made some new ones. Friday night Brian Slavinski, Ray Blades, Roger Plough and I had dinner at the Prudential Center in Newark then saw the NJ Devils Hockey Club lose to the Montreal Canadians. It was a great evening of food and hockey and conversations about Atlantic salmon. Life was good! Too bad the outcome of the game could not have been different...Devils lost 3-1...
The show was good and I held my purchases to around $20. Charlie Dickson pointed out some good (and cheap!) dyed hen necks from Mr. Keogh in colors that I did not have (red, tan and brown) so now I mostly have all the colors needed for collars on salmon flies. I used all the 'new' colors for variations of the modified Ally's Shrimp that you folks will be seeing in the coming weeks. I also found bulk spools of Gordon Griffith's floss for very cheap. $2 cheap. But no green...
Here is Ron McKusick's latest email flyer for materials. As some of you know Cree is nearly impossible to find...

Whiting has been raising CREE dry fly roosters. This is a high demand item for them and very hard to get the perfect coloration of brown/ black/cream barring on one feather. PLUS the LENGTH of these Cree hackles is outstanding! I have a cape on eBay auction now that has a 5 1/2 inch neck hackle that will tie a size #14 dry fly. How many flies will this feather make?

I have in stock as of today Jan 19, 2010

Whiting Rooster Neck/Cape - CREE color

CREE -Hebert line - PRO Grade - 2 capes - $100.00 each
CREE - Hebert line - Bronze Grade - 5 Capes  $125.00 each

Hebert Rooster Cape - PRO Grade $30.00 each
Unique Variant - 5 capes
Coachman Brown - 5 capes
Cream -3 capes

Whiting Line - red top
Rooster -Grizzly/Brown combo Cape PRO grade $50.00 each = 1/2 grizzly, 1/2 brown
Rooster Cape - Pro Grade - dyed Black -2

Whiting Line - HEN Capes $25.00 each
Dark Barred Ginger -2
Grizzly dyed Coachman Brown -2
Grizzly dyed Dark Olive -2
Grizzly  -5

Whiting - Rooster Saddle - dry fly size #14, 16, 18, #20
Bronze Grade - Grizzly dyed Olive -2 = $50.00 each

Hebert Rooster Saddle - PRO Grade - Natural Cree $65.00 each - 2 in stock
Whiting EURO rooster saddle - Natural Cree $85.00 each - 2 in stock

Also see all my Whiting items in my eBay store. Thank you for your business.
You can also see other of Ron's materials at

I also received form Ralph Keef this link for a 14 minute video on Down East Maine Atlantic Salmon restoration. It is worth your time to view this one! It is at
I am hoping that Maine can get a reasonable run of returning Atlantic Salmon as I am nearly positive that my son Josh will remain in Maine after graduation from U Maine Orono. What better way to visit then with a fly rod and some salmon flies...
Welcome to all the new recipients of this fly mailing.
As a recipient of this mailing remember that you can contribute a fly, story and or photos of your Atlantic Salmon or Steelhead experiences to directly to Jack Skelley...


deerfield river fly "New Openings for Spring Steelhead "
April 18-20, April 28, May 2-5

New York Spring Steelhead Trips in the Salmon River Region
Massachusetts Deerfield River & Westfield Rivers Trout Outings

"Events & Seminars "
check mark Orvis Avon, CT: February 27,2010: Deerfield River, Salmon River Fly & Spey Seminar

check mark Orvis Avon, CT: May 8,2010: Farmington River Spey, 2 handed casting Seminar

check mark Deerfield River Spey Day : June 5, 2010 Spey Fishing Event for Reel Recovery Charity

check mark Spey Nation: June 19, 2010 Salmon River NY Spey Gathering

More to follow I will keep you posted

deerfield river fly This year I am adding many Orvis Helios and Hydros single handed fly rods, for my guests, for the Salmon, Trout and Steelhead Seasons in New York and Massachusetts.

deerfield river fly Keep June 5th available for the 2nd annual Deerfield River Spey Day. This year’s recipient will be Reel Recovery which is a national non-profit organization that conducts free fly fishing retreats for men recovering from cancer of all forms. Please help support to help this cause.
For any of you who would like to or know of anyone who would donate to this worthy cause, have them contact Walt Geryk.

The 2009 Salmon, Trout and Steelhead Seasons
have treated us all to a very enjoyable year on the Waters of New York and Massachusetts. Now, we’re looking forward to a favorable New York Spring Steelhead season and another outstanding trout season on the Deerfield and Westfield Rivers of Massachusetts.
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