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Season Changing Reports for Massachusetts and New York
August 24, 2009


Ever notice how your dog just likes to lay around, stay cool and have you hand them a treat, which they will not even want to get up for, but will eat it handed to him and continues to lay there....

You find yourself lying in a cool place, not wanting to be disturbed, then someone offers you a snack or a drink that you will only take if served up for you, but if it's a shrimp cocktail you may find yourself making a more aggressive move for it...this is how the trout act too.

"Remember, Act Like the Fly and Think Like the Fish"
fly presentations are more critical during certain times of the seasons

Welcome to the Dog Days of August

The rivers of Western Massachusetts have been a mixed bag of results for the 2009 season, mostly good, with the Westfield River fishing extremely well with the increased flows for most of the summer due to all the rains and the Deerfield River having some great days as well but many up and down days caused by the higher water and erratic flow changes by the power company and weather.

deerfield river fly Deerfield River: For the most part, you can pick your starting times for float trips on the Deerfield because it always seems to be running high enough to float my boats and finding 500 to 950cfs to be the more productive flows for fly fishing float trips. Unfortunately we have had days of much higher flows, which can make for a higher degree of difficulty for the anglers but none the less still offers an enjoyable day of floating the Deerfield River. Higher flows are producing healthy fish to the more experienced traditional fly anglers and success can usually be measured by the experience levels of each. Waiting for the morning low water flows for great dry fly fishing action has been all but nonexistent due to the power demands and heavy rain falls. If lucky enough to get one of these low water times be sure to take advantage of it, be prepared for any sudden flow changes and know when and where to get out for safety.

Westfield RIver Fly Westfield River: Now on this free stone river, nestled between some of the most majestic ravines and gorges in Western Massachusetts, with the higher flows and extended summer rains has transformed from what is normally a non fishable flow into a great summer fly fishing destination. Wading on soft balls and bowling balls can be sore on the ankles for a day, but the rewards of healthy rainbow trout and brown trout are there to put a good bend into a 5 wt fly rod. Wet wading is advised as the day time water temps can range between 65 and 70 degrees. But not to worry about these temps because this river is fed with numerous mountain springs located along the rivers edges an under water springs as well. Western style fly patterns and large subsurface patterns are good choices for this time of the season.

Salmon RIver Fly Salmon River New York: Early salmon season is less then a month away. A long and wet 3 1/2 month spring had created some good fly and spey fishing in general throughout the river and now were into a two week summer which has heated up the river to near un fishable temperatures and flows. Not to worry about the flows because there is plenty of water in both reservoirs for favorable flows for September and it's fabled salmon runs. Look for some cooler nights and days in the near future to help create the changes needed to attract the salmon form the depths of Lake Ontario and it's lake charter fleet and into the reaches of the fly and spey rodders. Anticipation is running high as many of us are projecting and planning for healthy and sustained runs of Salmon, Trout and Steelhead as we're about to cast into the 2009 season. Don't miss out on it! Call and plan ahead for your days on the water or hope to get a last minute reservation when the fish arrive. See you there after Labor Day.

Now Planning For Deerfield River Spey Day II, Saturday June 5th 2010

Deerfield River Spey Day
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