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Time to Reserve NY Spring Steelhead and Massachusetts Trout

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slack line mend Deerfield River 2009 Schedule

Useful information on white water releases,flows and schedules when planning float and wade trips on the Deerfield River in Western Massachusetts. Get up to date reports for releases and know when to plan a safe wade and float trip on one of the best trout fisheries in the Northeast. Learn more about Western Massachusetts Rivers and Streams, it's trout seasons and more.

slack line mend Real Time Fly Fishing News

slack line mend Spey Nation II Update

Hello Spey Nation 2009!  
This is your official 145 day update!  In just under 5 months, we will gather on the shores of the Salmon River in Pineville, NY to celebrate the culture of 2 handed rods and the fish that we chase. 
To see highlights from Spey Nation 2008 and keep updated about 2009 please go to and forward this to anybody who may be interested.  

slack line mend New Podcast: Tom Rosenbauer's Basic Bonefish Tips

In a new podcast, author Tom Rosenbauer offers several bits of advice on preparing for success on your first bone fishing trip, including recommendations on casting, seeing fish, and strip-striking.

Excerpt: "The first thing you've got to be able to do is cast forty feet. And you've got to be able to pick up line and cast quickly and accurately. I know you can probably get the line out there forty feet, but I mean forty feet reliably and accurately. You don't really need long casts for most bone fishing. Occasionally a 60- or 70-foot cast is going to get you out of trouble, but most bonefish are caught between 30 or 40 feet from the boat or from the wading angler. But you really have to practice your casting."

slack line mend New Podcast: Tom Rosenbauer on Fly Fishing With Midges

Intimidated by the idea of fishing tiny flies but still want to fish year-round in waters where the only bugs to come off between November and February are size 22s? Tom Rosenbauer offers some excellent advice for beginning midge fishers in his latest podcast.

Excerpt: "There's really no excuse to be scared of fishing these tiny flies. Everybody says 'I can't see those flies when they're on the water.' Well, I've got a surprise for you: most people who fish tiny midges can't see them on the water. What you need to do is just compensate for that. When you fishing a tiny fly, fifty feet away, that's a size 22, there aren't many people who can see that fly. So what do they do? They work on their casting accuracy. They throw the fly out there and hope it's not dragging, and they watch, and if a fish rises anywhere near where the fly is they gently set the hook."

slack line mend "Fish Pirates" Making Millions On Chesapeake Bay Stripers

In a case that may prove the extensive corruption of the commercial striped bass fishery, federal and state investigators have uncovered a highly successful black market in Maryland and Virginia, and say that poachers have organized to illegally sell several millions of dollars worth of the fish to markets and restaurants for at least five years. "The timing couldn't be worse for Maryland. On Monday, the region's fishing regulatory agency is to meet in Alexandria, Va., and state officials fear that the news could trigger harsh penalties that would cripple the multimillion-dollar commercial fishing industry in the Chesapeake Bay and drive up retail fish prices." Candus Thomson in the Baltimore Sun. (Thanks to reader Zach Matthews for this link.)

slack line mend Fly Tiers: 353 Reasons to Be Careful What You Buy On EBay

African poverty and more than a little greed have led to an epidemic in illegal trades, including those for the feathers of endangered birds like the African Gray Parrot. Many buyers acquire contraband feathers unwittingly or under the presumption that the seller is licensed, so it is worth noting that the bad actors behind the Gray Parrot trade apparently don't bother to pluck the birds in question. 353 parrot heads and 2000 tail feathers were recently confiscated from a Cameroon smuggler. "Interestingly a search of ebay, shows that there is a substantial trade in the red feathers of the African Grey. The feathers appear to be used for craft and fly fishing. On 24/01/2009 there were 16 auctions for feathers with one seller parrot in the garden having 125 feathers on auction, supposedly molted by his African Grey Pandora!" Dave Harcourt writes on the topic in Eco Worldly

slack line mend Massachusetts: Where did all those 4 pound trout go for 2009

That's the question a female harbor seal might have asked herself after she was booted out of Cape Cod's Sandwich trout hatchery after gorging on "untold numbers of four-pound trout." "No one is quite sure exactly how the seal ended up at the state fish hatchery. She had to travel about two miles from the area of the Sandwich Boardwalk on Cape Cod Bay, follow a creek that passes under a mini-golf course and Route 6A and runs through a wooded area skirting the fish hatchery, before somehow making her way to the hatchery lagoons." Karen Jeffrey in the Cape Cod Times.

slack line mend New Video: Switch Rods and Snap-T Techniques

If you're not a steelheader, you may not have noticed the lines blurring between traditional two-handed casting and single-handed rod techniques. At most you might have heard of switch rods, a strange and wondrous invention that gives big-river anglers the flexibility to cast using both single-handed and two-handed techniques. To offer a simple example, think of the added advantage that an 11-foot rod gives you when roll casting long distances and making big mends. The same rod can handle basic spey casts and perform single-handed distance casting with ease.

This week California fly casting instructor Jeff Putnam puts a switch rod through its paces, demonstrating a variety of ways in which to take advantage of the rod's unique abilities. While he focuses on the Snap-T cast, you'll pick up a lot of useful tips by watching him manage his line both before and after casting.


slack line mend Spey Nation II has just landed Hardy to be a presenter on June 20th.

slack line mend Techniques: Two-Handed Rods for Trout

January 20, 2009

Big waters demand powerful line control and greater reach -- things two-handed rods have delivered in spades for steelheaders. So perhaps it was inevitable that trout anglers would end up adding a further twist to the tradition by figuring out how to make two-handed rods a fixture of trout fishing. Fact is, longer rods offer an immediate distance boost and enable longer drifts -- ideal for folks hunting up big trout in tailwaters or large Western rivers. This week, in his article "Long Shots," Zach Matthews offers highly specific instructions for how to turn a two-handed rod into a magic wand for big trout.


slack line mend Synthetic Hormones Show Promise in Controlling Great Lakes Lampreys

January 20, 2009

If the builders of the Erie Canal, which linked the Great Lakes to New York, could have imagined the devastation to native fish species that the sea lamprey would cause, they might still be hauling goods with draft animals. A long battle has a potential new solution in the form of synthetic hormones that might be used to misdirect lampreys. "'We see it as away of tricking these spawning lampreys, and then you can do things to manipulate their behaviour in ways that would work against them -- for example you could lure them into streams without suitable spawning habitat, or just into traps.'" Richard Black for the BBC News.

slack line mend More Layoffs Hit Fly Fishing Companies

Saturday, January 17, 2009, 7:55:10 AM

After December reports that Sage had laid off several employees in its rod manufacturing center, we heard this morning that on Thursday Orvis let go 39 employees between its home office in Sunderland and its "rod shop" in Manchester. "James Hathaway, a spokesman for Orvis, said the people laid off on Thursday were full-time salaried employees from almost every department. Orvis' corporate headquarters, which they refer to as the home office, is in Sunderland. Hathaway said officials at the company had to make 'difficult, painful' decisions because of slow sales in the most recent fiscal year quarter and continued challenges projected for the future." Patrick McArdle in the Rutland Herald.


slack line mend Only 6 openings left for April / May 2009 NY Spring Steelhead Season

slack line mend Get Hookup up Now before someone else does!

slack line mend Time to Reserve your Massachusetts Fly & Spey Fishing Trips

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