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Mid Summer Fly Fishing in Massachusetts
A Day and a Drift with Walt Geryk

July 19, 2007

As we enjoyed a hearty breakfast with Walt at the Mohawk Diner, Mike was preparing our fresh, made to order stream side lunches. After discussing the the day's game plan and safety rules while fly fishing from a drift boat, Walt's enthusiasm and passion for guiding was evident as he explained, without guarantees what can be accomplished on a one day drift boat trip.

Walt went on to say, " This day is all about you. We need the fish to strike for the added bonus's for today's trip and I promise you both a good time and learning experience you'll keep with you forever. Oh, I'm sure you'll get into some nice fish today, now landing them is up to you." Almost methodically, Walt explained how to fight a fish, use and trust the drag on the reels, having the rod do the work and let the fish run! With a smirk on his face, " Do you understand, any questions, well, you'll not only test your skills, but your ability to retain information too, but not to worry, I'll remind you like a skipping record." With more laughs, we're on our way. Already knowing were in for a great time on the Deerfield River in our backyard of Western Massachusetts.

Once we settled into the drift boat, we instantly knew Walt's high regard for safety by seeing the investment he has made with this style of drift boat and equipment within.

"No Dog Day Doldrums here in Western Massachusetts," Walt explains, "the Fly Fishing continues to be Great and we're in for an outstanding day on the water! Seems like the heat of the summer and thunderstorms have brought out some of the best trophy trout we've seen in a long time. Rainbows, 15 to 18 inchers on the fly almost daily to go along with the scrappy footers just seem to be the set ups for even a more sought after bruiser, the elusive Brown Trout. Once you've hooked into one of these cannibals of the deep, which are known to race towards the surface to grab a meal or two, you'll quickly feel the difference of the battle between a rainbow and the brown trout. The bows have a tenancy to make quick runs in all levels of the water column with some very athletic jumps and twists. The brown, on the other line, will doggedly hold fast at times with strong head shakes and then make long sweeping powerful runs throughout the area he was hooked in and only showing himself when he tries to roll off the fly next to the surface."

Feel that thumping, most likely that's a wiser brown trying to rub out the fly on the rivers bottom,"put some upward pressure on him," you'll hear me say, "let's see if we can get this one in the camera with your ear to ear smile." After a 20 minute battle, with net in hand, the rod straightens up, the line goes slack and you look sheepishly at me as if to asked what happened, is he gone, "yes he is," as I begin to console you for your loss. After a few minutes of sulking and trying to figure out what went wrong, Walt reassures me that I did everything right, except the part when I lost the fish. After some more much need laughs, I regained my arm strength and casting composure and layed out the big bugger again towards the shore line. It hits the water with a resounding splash and I see Walt's head nod with approval. Mulling over my previous experience and not paying full attention to my drift, another big brown struck my fly almost immediately upon impact, I struck back and snap, popped the 3x tippet. "Your not bass fishing here, it's probably a good thing the tippet broke, you may have pulled the fish's lips off," Walt exclaimed. I mentioned to him that fish don't have lips he just replied with a grin and a laugh "Thanks for stretching out that fish with that hook set, I'll bet it's at least another inch longer now for tomorrows clients."
This was a great day on a float trip with Walt on the Deerfield River in July with guests Jason and his above experiences, and Harvey Silberstein of Williamstown Mass who also put a few nice fish into the camera.

Dry, wet, nymph fishing and stripping buggers and streamers are producing fish. Pick you spots and your flies carefully and you should be well rewarded.

"Drift Boating and Wade Trips in Western Massachusetts All Summer Long! "

"Reserve your summer fly fishing trips now "

"Fishing with Walt is more then a fly fishing trip, it's a learning experience."
Fred Kucharski, Syracuse NY

Skip with a healthy Deerfield River brown trout. All fish released!Jim and another evening Deerfield River brown trout.  All fish Released!

Left is Ryan Mooney of Charlemont Mass, enjoying his day of fly fishng from a drift boat on the Deerfield River. Ryan is smiling about one of many rainbows brought to net this day. Ryan's fly fishing experience definately surpasses his age as the proof is in the camera, good job Ryan.
Right is Harvey and Jason Silberstein of Williamstown Mass.This isn't a fish story, but dad is a better fisherman that photographer as Jason's photos did not exist in the camera. Did this have something to do with the more fish Jason hooked up and landed!
Hey Harvey, I'll take his pictures next time.


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