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Spring Fly Fishing Season Almost Here!
by Walt Geryk
February 08,2007

Winding down the 2006 year was fun, with the warmer then average temperatures many of us in the Northeast enjoyed some excellent late season fly fishing both in New York and Massachusetts.

New York's Spring Steelheading looks again to be extremely promising with good numbers of fish pushing into the rivers as early as Columbus Day Weekend, they kept on coming with the mild early winter weather and we haven't seen the late winter to early spring runs yet!
While we're in a deep freeze, it's time to take out the fly rods, reels and the rest of the more then needed gear we all seem to carry while going on our fly fishing excursions. Check your lines for cracking, leader and tippets supplies and your flies of choice count, then stock up as you feel necessary. Another thing is to be sure your reels are clean and properly lubricated. It's nice to set the drag and trust it as the trophy rips off fifty plus yard runs. I find the best lubricant for drags that use cork is neats foot oil, it can be found in most leather shops. This oil was the only lube that made my vortex anti-reverse reels sing like new, and boy my clients and I were extremely happy.
Again, bring along those big streamers and wooly buggers, smaller egg patterns and stone flies up to size 6 as the water warms. Late April and and into May also brings out the golden stones. We're just fly fishing for trout, BIG TROUT !
Wading and Drift Boat Trips are available starting during the first week of April. Fishable high water will not be an issue this year because we now can enjoy getting to areas, not accessible by walking and wading, with my new 2007 Hog Island Drift Boat that's due in my yard any day now, can't wait !
In making your float trip plans, keep in mind that I can take two fishermen per trip and we eat well while floating too. This all points to a banner spring season steelheading. Reservations are becoming limited as the days pass. Keep in mind, due to spring run off, while planning your Fly Fishing Trip, that there's usually just about 4 weeks of prime time Fly Fishing days available during spring steelheading.
I recommend that you Call and Reserve Your Dates Soon !

Western Massachusetts Rivers should be in great shape for fly fishing by early May. With the snow that the northern sections are getting, this will supply a good spring run off. Our hatcheries are full of 3/4 to pound and a half trout just waiting, eating daily and getting bigger for our spring planting, which should begin as soon as flows, temperatures and ph levels are suitable for their release into the wild. These feisty trout will join the hundreds of hold over and wild trout residing in the Deerfield and Westfield Rivers.
With the addition of my Drift Boat, you will now access areas, normally un fishable during early spring flows, while enjoying the comfort of the only hard shell drift boat on the river. Drift Boating offers many advantages, other then the great fishing opportunities,stability, safety, roomy comfort and stealth. Dry storage compartments available for camera equipment, clothing and more. Hog Island Drift Boats are user and equipment friendly, virtually nothing to scratch or chip your belongings because of the advanced roto-mold process. For more info, click Hog Island Boatworks.
All drift boat trips include either a hot or cold deli lunch, snacks, water and soft drinks. So what are you waiting for, check out my web site, then give me a call to reserve your Western Mass. Fly Fishing Adventure, that was thought to be only available in the mid-west.

"Leave the Water a Better Fly Fisher !"

Learn from Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing, Guide Walt Geryk, tips on becoming a better caster, or just learn how to cast a fly rod, on how to read water for safety and fishing, present a fly and much more.....

As always, the latest Orvis Rods and Reels are ready for you to try or use all day.

Enjoy and experience fly fishing and the outdoors the way it's meant to be.

Just a short drive from most anywhere in the Northeast.

Auburn New York:The Bass Pro Outdoor World, Feb 17 & 18,
is offering various seminars and displays that will be helpful to all outdoors enthusiasts
for more information click "Guides / Outfitters Weekend"

For more information on what services Walt offers, view his web site and be sure to sign up for Neff-News and refer your friends to do the same so all can stay up dated on what's going on with Northeast Fly Fishing Waters.

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