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Be Ready and Safe On The Water
with this addition to any wading staff

July 13 , 2006

By Walt Geryk

Wading Staffs are a very important part of fishing, so investing in a durable staff is a must to keep you safe and comfortable in different water conditions.
I prefer the Folstaf folding model, but there others are available as well as one piece staffs too.
While using your four to five foot staff how many times do you wish you didn't have it with you as it is tangling in your legs tripping or stumbling you down as it drifts freely from it's tether.
Well here's the solution, attach a magnet system, like the ones used for nets, first remove the bungy cord, tie the ring with the male end to the tether next to the staff's handle and the other on the sheath. I made two 1" long cuts at 1/4" apart in the leather sheath, then inserted the ring and female magnet end. This idea created by me allows for keeping the break down staff open and next to my side at all times and ready for quick use.

This may or may not insure added safety, but convenience and readiness is an advantage.

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