Salmon River NY Proven Spring Nymph Patterns for Trophy Steelhead

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Early Spring Nymphs; NY & MA
March 17, 2006
by Walt Geryk

Don't put the shovels away just yet, even though it may feel like Spring, it's still March!
Mother nature has her ways of keeping fishing on schedule but that's not to say you can't get out there and wet a line. New York has had some very good days of steelheading during the past month which leads me to believe that we're in for a great mid April to early May fly fishing season. This could be a spring of more consistent dry fly fishing for these silver bullets and drop backs. Remember, presentation, is everything!

"An accomplished trout fly fisherman may make a fair Steelheader,
but a good Steelheader will make even a better trout fly fisherman."

Massachusetts lakes and ponds are being stocked now, so be sure to check my links page for what's going on here in the Bay State. My guess is that the rivers won't be to far off the normal mid to late april and later stocking times.
Outstanding trout fly fishing usually starts to be consistent by the third week of May, but that's not to say you won't be successful earlier than these normal times.

Have Walt assist you with any of your fly fishing related questions,
like equipment and line choices, tactics and techniques and lodging.
You can also review archived Neff-News Letters for more information.

"Always Leave the Water a Better Fly Fisher"


New York's, Salmon River Region Spring Season is just about here!
There are good numbers of all size fish spread throughout.
The larger, late winter run, steelies have been entering the river.
Snow Depth: currently there's 8 to14 inches in the Tug Hill area.
Keep an eye on my reports page for changes in water and fishing conditions.

Western Massachusetts' Rivers are in great shape.
We should be in for another outstanding season, as soon as we see a consistent rise in water temps.



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Preserve Your Trophy

Don Trump Jr. with a Spring  Silver Bullet, Caught and Released, while fishing with Walt Geryk.

Carry a camera and a measuring tape then use the formula, which is fairly accurate, the weight = (length X girth X girth / 800 = lb.) and this should give all the info needed for bragging rights without over stressing the fish. Once you land that trophy fish of a lifetime, it's your choice to kill and have mounted and no one should condemn you for your decision, but there is a better option. You can send a high quality photo and measurements to a professional taxidermist where they can make a reproduction of the fish that you released.

Planning on releasing a fish, then handle it as little as possible and return into the water ASAP! Don't hang it from the gill plate, keep the fish in a natural position as possible, horizontal. When releasing the fish be sure to be facing it upstream in slower moving water, this may require some moving of the fish slowly forwards and back to help the flow of water through its gills, take your time for proper revival, which can take up to 8-10 minutes. You'll know when the fish is ready as it will have good balance and will start on it's own to pull away from your hands.

For more information on these fisheries, give me a call and I'll be more than happy to answer all your questions.
Good luck and have fun.

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