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December 14, 2012
" Relying on Luck does not make a better angler, Learning the Skills Will."
Walt Geryk

Good Afternoon,
The holiday season is nearly upon us and I wish all my family and friends safe and prosperous times. Thanks to all of you for the overwhelming support and concern as I struggled with health issues from early November which had taken me off the water and has me currently still on the mend. I really appreciate the true meaning of "I'm happy to be alive."

Salmon River: The fall season was and continues to be interesting. Low water, for the most part, kept the salmon in the lower 1/3 of the river. With this situation, these areas were jammed packed with all types of anglers, making it all but impossible for spey or traditional fly fishing. By the time these fish reached the mid to upper areas they were beat and scared to death to bite.
The same scenario goes for the steelhead early on in the season. During the past three to four weeks, with the additional flows, we're seeing more steel enter the river and making their way up river to winter holding spots, with good fishing reported from the DSR and rte 81 to around rte 2A sections. Productive waters have been tailouts and the faster shallower water in between these pools,runs and tailouts.

Targeting Steelhead through all the seasons

Steelhead can be taken all year as long, sometimes easier than others, as long as you are persistent. Don't get discouraged through the tough times, you will have success, just sometimes the fish are unwilling to play.
I have taken steelhead in all fishable conditions in the Salmon River, some times more than others, from fall through early summer, but I stay focused on presentation, on the swing or the track. Water temps and fishing pressure has a lot to do with the bite as well. On the fall season temp drop, 55 to 45, with 48 being prime, is normally very good, then anglers experience takes over, especially when the temps get to 38 and lower. As the water begins to warm in the spring and post spawn, swinging flies can be super as these fish are aggressive and hungry! Look for the spring bite to increase as the temps rise to 42 with a prime temp again of 48 and continuing to the 50s. By upper 50s it will begin to slow considerably as the fish migrate rapidly back to the lake to seek more feed and their comfort zone of around 48 degrees.

In the fall, watch the falling water temps and in the spring watch the rising temp windows.

Pressure on these fish this fall was extremely high from rte 81 down due to low water conditions which contributed to a more finicky fish. 
During the past few weeks with less pressure and winter fish trickling in, the swing has been decent. In shallower faster riffles, a floating line and longer leader has been producing some fish, but I have found tailouts and longer runs in the morning and early evenings to be our best bets. Be sure to cover lots of water. Now with water dipping below 38, I suggest using an appropriate sink tip to get your presentation down to within 6-18" of the bottom. Tube flies with aluminum or even brass tubes will also help you get into the zone. Swing with confidence and get into the zone!
A fair season thus far, but a steelhead or two a day is a great day and a grab or less is still a wonderful day of spey fishing. Remember there may always be exceptions to the norm, so go outside the box and try something different, another words if you're confident you are over fish and what you're doing is not producing, then try something different either in depth, speed or fly or whatever you may thing.

A quick note of some of the things going on during 2013 that may be of interest. I will add to this list as more venues may become available.

Spey SchoolsThe Miramichi Atlantic Salmon Fishing and events, in New Brunswick, for 2013, is included in this newsletter with links directed to information and pricing.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,


Spey Schools
2013 Spey Clinics, Events, Shows and Claves with Walt Geryk

Fly Fishing Show Marlborough, MA: Hardy & Greys and Airflo Venues...January 18,19,20

Fly Fishing Show Somerset, NJ: Hardy & Greys, Airflo and Upper Oxbow Adventures Venues...January 25,26,27

Fly Fishing Show Lancaster, PA: Hardy & Greys and Airflo Venues...March 2,3

Sherbrooke Quebec Spey Clave: TBA May

Upper Oxbow Adventures New Brunswick: Schools, Lessons, Coaching...July 1-16

Spey Nation Salmon River NY: Hardy & Greys and Airflo Venues...July 20

Grand River Spey Clave Bean Park, Paris, Ontario: Hardy 7 Greys Demos and Instruction: September 14,15

2013 Spey School Dates


Miramichi, New Brunswick
July 1-17, 2013

Want to unravel the mysteries of Spey fishing and fish over wild Atlantic Salmon? Want to learn and understand more about Spey casting but need time with an expert to tighten your loops & extend your distances, all offered on the Majestic Miramichi River System in New Brunswick? Then Walt Geryk's Spey Casting and Fishing School is your opportunity to do it. Talk equipment, use the finest Hardy & Greys Spey and Scandi rods all reeled up with Airflo Lines and Rio Tips. Spend time on the river and in the classroom learning and understanding the details of two-handed casting. Get the critical instructions needed to gain confidence to use the casting style that has swept the Northeast in the last decade. Join Walt and the staff, at the Upper Oxbow Outdoor Adventures in Sillikers New Brunswick in 2013, for the most comprehensive, educational and fly fishing experience offered in the Northeast.
This Spey Fishing Experience is for you!

2013 Spey Casting Schedule
July1-17 Miramichi Event Schedule
MSA Classic and Regular Season Pricing

Miramichi Spey Schools and Lessons

Walt Geryk's Spey Casting & Fishing Schools

Debbie Norton
Upper Oxbow Outdoor Adventures

Walt Geryk
Spey Casting & Fishing Schools

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