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December 30 , 2011
" Relying on Luck does not make a better angler, Learning the Skills Will."
Walt Geryk

Happy Holiday Season,

What a busy 2011 seasons it was for both Massachusetts and New York. Fishing was fairly good throughout the year in both regions, although some were limited due to weather. The Deerfield River took a big hit from Irene which carved out many new trout holding areas and runs for the 2012 season. While New York's Salmon River is boasting a very strong run of mixed sized steelhead so far this fall and winter season making it look like a very good spring season is in the water.

This year was probably the most perplexing season many have experienced in many years. All indicators pointed to many fish available, with many being sighted and fished over, in both New York and Massachusetts. But encountering an erratic bite throughout most of the season with a few great days mixed in seemed to be the norm. A season where experience and presentations were high on the list for added success.

Salmon River NY: Both Fly and Spey Fishing in New York was for the most part successful as long as you were willing to put in the time and effort to cover lots of water. From spring to fall and early winter, the Salmon River seemed to average two to three fish per day while swinging flies for the average caster, with as many as a four to six per day by the more experienced. Even though we were always casting over plenty of fish, there were a few skunks on the camera during 2012 Salmon River Season. Could it is the constant pounding and pressure on them from the moment they enter the rivers. Coupled with longer low flows, erratic releases and higher water and air temps lasting into this December most likely contributed to the erratic bite. Lots of factors on this fragile fishery.
Finding productive fly and spey casting waters was also at a premium due to the increased fishing pressure we have seen the past three years. Even though there are a small handful of us willing to rotate through areas, there are still too many anglers not willing, thus impeding coverage of the pools and runs. What's it going to take to get others to rotate? When one stands on their proverbial rock, it can force others to get locked in as well. Is there only one place on the 13 miles of river that has fish, get off that rock and join the fun with others while rotating water. River etiquette has a long way to go here but it can be achieved. Hopefully the Douglaston Salmon Run, with it's multiple long runs and pools, can be a leader in pool rotation and be an influence on the upper end of the river's policies as well.
Scandi and Spey casters are frequenting the Salmon River and others for salmon, steelhead and trout with Walt Geryk and his in-depth knowledge of single and two-handed casting and fishing styles. Spend time with Walt and experience his unique ability to teach the technical aspects of each cast from beginning to fly presentation and right through the release of your catch.

The Westfield River fished well until mid to later June then the high temps lack of rain all but killed off the East Branch. By July, we agonized as flows dropped below 60cfs, choking off oxygen resulting in many dead trout spread throughout. Let's hope for mother nature to help us out this year.

The Deerfield River kept up it's reputation by keeping fish on the fly through most of the season. Some days had more action than others but while floating and covering larger pools while wading we always seem to manage at least few fish coming to our flies. Again with the heat entering into late June and through August, the better bite was happening in darker shaded area and picking up considerably as the sun went behind the tree line. The later day floats this time of year were the most productive those willing to run a later day and into dusk. Lots of changes in store for the Deerfield with the reconstruction by Hurricane Irene and it should be fun. Again our fishing future rely's on the great hatchery program by the State of Massachusetts. With the devastating affects from this storm, these changes should get the attention of Fish and Wildlife Officials for the need for changes in policy. More catch and release waters should be considered to restore this is majestic tail water fishery .

Deerfield River Spey Day, the cancer charity event, needs help, people help. This growing fund raiser is requiring more on the ground help in coordinating the day's events to end. Interested in volunteering, do you know of a group or organization who would like to manage this event.

This is a great fundraiser for Trout Unlimited Chapters and others
to raise money for charity and for their organization. This event can also me moved to other locations in the Northeast.
Contact Walt for more information.

Show Time 2012

Stop by and see me at these scheduled shows and events

Marlborough Fly Fishing Show Massachusetts at the Hardy & Greys Venue: January 20,21,22

Somerset Fly Fishing Show New Jersey at the Hardy & Greys Venue: January 27,28,29

Syracuse New York Trout Unlimited:.......................February 8
6344 East Molloy Road
East Syracuse, NY 13057
A More Traditional Fly and Spey Fishing Approach for the Salmon River NY and others:
contact: Big Jim Froio: 315-751-8272

Scranton PA Trout Unlimited:................................. February 21
2000 Dorothy Street, Scranton, Pa.:
A More Traditional Fly and Spey Fishing Approach for the Salmon River NY and others:
contact Charlie Charlesworth: 570-586-3363

more events to be added

Spey Schools for 2012

Just a reminder that last year's schools filled quickly which resulted in scheduling others during the summer. School attendees suggested August dates and a mid week September school should be scheduled for the Salmon River NY. New dates to be announced soon.

Click here for dates New York Salmon River and Massachusetts Schools


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Lawn Practice Casting Leaders: When you would need to imitate the feel of the line stick on the water, this is it!. Difficult to get on the water to improve your two-handed casting, then all you need is a back yard or a near by lawn to practice nearly all the casts while working on your form. This unique custom tied leader, with its precise barrel knots and tags is a great practicing tool. You will use this for many years and you don't need to leave home to practice with it! These can also be used for single hand casting when you need to work on roll casts or imitate the feel of picking up sink tips out of the water. My students find these very helpful by allowing them more time to practice without leaving the yard. Available at Malinda's Fly & Tackle.

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New Spey Fly Patterns: This was also the year that Malinda, Bob and Walt worked to create a few patterns of Steelhead Spey Flies that don't require specialty materials. The materials used for these flies most tyers will already have.
"WUS", aka Walt's Universal Spey is currently offered in three colors, chartreuse, pink and orange, is an easy tie that worked well on salmon and steelhead during the fall. The pink should continue to produce well in the spring. Currently available in size 3s and 5s.
"Natural Soft Hackle" is an improved upon hare's ear with an added chartreuse holographic tip and blended sparkle natural dubbing, available in size 5 AJs and 8 nymph hooks. This pattern worked extremely well during September when water temps were above 54F.
"Walt", originally tied and named by Bob is destined to be a true Great Lakes Tributary Classic. With Walt's request for a spey fly with a natural flair, Bob headed to the vise and started to turn out some ideas. After a few prototypes, and considerable critiquing, Walt ,Bob and Malinda came to a decision and "Walt the Spey Fly" was hatched. Compared to the WUS and Soft Hackle, the Walt is currently a one size fly for the Salmon River and Great Lakes Tributaries. It is tied on a TMC7999 size 6 salmon hook. Walt's effectiveness was proven during the fall season and produced steelhead regularly in water temps from 46F and higher. This fly is proving to be so special, that Malinda is personally tying them for the store! All Walt's flies, his favorites and more proven fish getters are available at Malinda's Fly and Tackle Shop.


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