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Learn and better understand the techniques and presentations required to take fresh water trophy game fish,
with Walt Geryk, be a better fly fisher by day's end!

Preserve Your Trophy
Please Practice and Promote Ethical Angling & Catch and Release!

Carry a camera and a measuring tape and use this formula, which is fairly accurate, the weight = (length X girth X girth / 800 = lb.). This should give all the info needed for bragging rights without over stressing the fish. Once you land that trophy fish of a lifetime, it's your choice to kill and have mounted, but there is a better option. You can send a high quality photo and measurements to a professional taxidermist where they can make a reproduction of the fish that you caught and released.

When releasing a fish, attempt to handle it as little as possible while returning into the water! Don't hang it from the gill plate! Try to keep the fish in a natural horizontal position as much as possible. While releasing the fish, be sure to be facing it upstream in a slower current. This may require some extra time and effort on your part to allow for oxygenated water to pass through its gills, take your time for it's proper revival, which can take up to 8-10 minutes. You'll know when the fish is ready, it will have good balance and will aggressively start to pull away from your hands. What a great feeling!
All Fish Released Safely

brook trout

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Salmon River New York and Deerfield River Massachusetts News including New England and the Northeast. Learn about guided fly fishing trips, spey fishing and the use of switch rods for trout, salmon and steelhead. Learn when to, where to and how to fish the waters of the Northeast while wading or floating with guide Walt Geryk. Northeast Fly and Spey Fishing Guide and Instructional Services are for all levels of experience, from beginners to well accomplished fly and spey fishermen. Learn the beginning basics of nymph fishing using minimal or no split shots and other presentations required to take fresh water trophy fish using floating or sink tip lines. For everyone would like to learn and better understand presentations and techniques required to take trophy fish while dry fly and sub-surface traditional fly fishing. Walter Geryk and Northeast Fly Fishing Guide Service takes no responsibility for the accuracy of these reports and can not be held responsible for unforeseen changes in water flows and conditions. Always use your best judgment and approach the water with caution.
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