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Steelheading can be difficult with the continuous days of bitter freezing temperatures, pick your days and fish the warmest hours for best results.
February and March brings warmer air and water temperatures. Mid March is the beginning for good to excellent fly and spey fishing. Once the runoff occurs this can be extremely difficult and unsafe fishing.
Mid Feb-March are also good bets for fishing.
Timing is important to help insure safe and fishable flows during this time of year.
Reserve your dates Early! Outstanding steelhead fishing can be enjoyed during this time of year when the high water recedes to safe and fishable flows. Spey flies, nymphs, streamers and wet flies will do the trick. Book your trip as early as possible because these prime five fly fishing weeks fill fast. Recently, the fishing, the flows and the weather has been great starting around the mid Marchl for offering wading and drift boat trips for good flyfishing, leading into Prime Time. Starting early April into early May and may remain good beyond, pending temps.
Weather permitting, steelhead fishing can remain fair into June as long as you are willing to put in the extra effort and take in a day of hiking the Salmon River. Usually any major down pour, which raises the early summer's lower flows, will entice some nice Skamanies and Atlantic Salmon and maybe even a few Kings to enter these tributaries of Lake Ontario. Mid September, you can usually count on the King and Coho salmon to start showing up regularly. But until then, it can be hit or miss, so it's best to call before making your fishing arrangements.
Reserve your dates Early! By mid September it's usually Salmon, Salmon, and More Salmon everywhere! Then Steelhead showing early October with the better runs materializing in early November and remains outstanding through December. Fishing dates fill fast during this time and I prefer week days. If weekends are your time, don't worry, the fish are still here. Booking your trip early is advisable to insure lodging and your guided date.
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Some areas will produce some nice fish, weather permitting. Guiding is usually limited to the Upper Deerfield and the tail waters of the Swift River at this time of year. A warm day on one of these rivers can help ease the pain of cabin fever. Early trout season success is about finding good temps and safe flows with many of the streams, rivers and lakes already being stocked by the state. River and stream fishing is beginning to happen in late April through out the valley.
Reserve your dates Early! Prime time trout fly fishing is here (reserve early). By early-mid May, the fly fishing is heating up and continues to get better in June. Streamers and Nymph fishing is how the season starts and remains constant through out the summer months. More consistent dry fly action begins by mid day lasting until sunset. A great time to enjoy Western Massachusetts' early fly fishing season. With the higher spring flows, get to areas that are only accessible by drift boat or my 13' fly fishing raft.
Fishing continues to be Very Good with the Dog Days setting in. The Deerfield River continues to produce nicely due to the tail water releases on the upper section. Here's where I can be a true asset to your fishing success, either wading or drift boat trips, we will go to areas that have cooler runs and pools and feeding trout. These areas are more apt to attract trout during this time of year. With nearly daily water releases from Fife Brook Dam, this is a great time to float the Deerfield River in search of the rising trout.
Good to OK trout fishing can be found in most rivers with the cooling air and water temperatures and the help of late September stockings. Again, the Upper Deerfield River known as the Fife Brook Area and down is a good bet. Most other sections of the mid and lower Deerfield will start to see many rising trout preparing for for the long cold winter
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Flats and shallow fishing is great striper fly fishing as these brutes make their arrival and haven't been fished over, therefore being a bit easier to entice into eating your fly pattern. July and August the outer beaches are usually producing an abundance of nice stripers. Good Bets:Sandwich to the Race.

You can either get up early, stay out later, chase the birds and hope the fish are in range of your cast. and you can hit it just right in your favorite producing spots. For a gentleman's day of fishing, may I suggest you consider a reputable flats boat guide who will almost always put you into fish.
This is a time when we have enjoyed some our best success while wading the tides and casting to stripers seen chasing bait in the waves. Labor Day Weekend and in through October is historically the best time of fall. A great time to be here with little to no crowds and having fish busting at your feet.
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